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All Rights Reserved. As I said before, it makes sense to me, intuitively, for mild cases — even moderate cases, perhaps. Jung was a philosopher, not a scientist for example, but I think his contribution was valuable. It was others, later, who turned it into science, by developing testable hypothoses, and testing them, and reporting their work in peer-reviewed studies. Should I pay someone 85 Euros 65 Pounds an hour to listen to my problems and recommend solutions? Maybe I should go Skiing instead? Excessive dreaming burns energy within the brain, it results in lower serotonin and lower dopamine, hence SSRI being very common for depression.

If you want to unlock the precise order and mechanism, go for it and then publish the results. You might make a name for yourself. So what do you have? As for sleep problems…ask yourself this, honestly, how much caffeine do you drink each day? How much exercise do you get each day? I like your style, in fact both of you are very sharp and intelligent, you ask good questions and deserve good answers. NLP is not a whole therapy, in my opinion, but all the therapies have some useful aspects I guess. I often prescribe exercise to clients and it has indeed been found to be as effective in depression as SSRIs, in some trials…help about a third of patients.

I know what you mean about these things being easily misunderstood. You are right to ask these questions and the world of therapy is full of quacks and bizzarre claims, I agree. So they may answer some of your more specific questions regarding their choices. I love debate and believe you are right to start this one.

It would be good to discuss this there too, if you have time. The tutors and HQ staff would reply too, I will reply here when I have more time also. I have no argument with the well-established fact that depressed people dream more. However, implying that this uses up energy from a limited source is just plain wrong. Some people have problems with glucose metabolism eg. For these people, burning energy can be a problem, and this can impact their brain function hypoglycaemia can lead to coma.

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For people who do not have problems with glucose metabolism, the brain using up energy presents no problem at all. Firstly, serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is metabolised from the dietary amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is plentiful and there are very, very few people who have a deficiency in this amino acid. Tryptophan is transported across the blood-brain barrier and is metabolised into serotonin. The brain releases serotonin and also takes it up again.

Depressed people seem to have lower levels of released serotonin, but the cause of this is not lack of serotonin if it was, then taking 5-HTP supplements would be a cure — it seems to help some people, but not others.

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It seems likely that serotonin has a role in depression, but if so the problem is with the amounts released, not with the amounts available. The general scientific consensus seems to be that the brain is one damn complex system and that several neuotransmitters are implicated in depression and their metabolism, release and reuptake are interlinked and interdependent.

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You seem to have completely missed the point. So yes it is a puzzle, we have some pieces, we have some theories. We do know that slow wave deep sleep reenergises the brain, we know that depressed persons dream lots, lack brain energy and motivation…ie wake up without feeling refreshed and recharged like a healthy brain does after a good sleep.

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For me, science is not coming up with an idea and shouting about it until people take notice. It provides a mechanism for checking the methodology of scientists, and making sure that the results and conclusions they reach are warranted by the evidence. Interesting ideas are taken up and tested by others who also publish their results in the same manner. It provides a level of trust that no deception is taking place and as the physicist Richard Feynman pointed out, in science the easiest person to fool is yourself.

But while I have made no judgment on it, you seem to believe in it wholeheartedly and are willing to ignore the complete lack of scientific rigour involved. Joe is a Psychologist and I know lots of other Psychologists who support him. When the wiring which joins the two halves is cut and language, imagery tests are done to the two independent sides of the brain, this is clearly shown, look it up. Mood is depressed, motivation is low and eventually interest in life can be lost.

I would also suggest that a study of the philosophy of science would be really useful to anyone making claims about the scientific validity of thier products. There is much mention in posts here about the reseach done by the likes of Carl Rogers et al, well they may have been envolved in research, however to what degree it was scientific is another question. Look at chimp, he puts himself in the system for his mental illness, very scientific but also crap, can they cure him?

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Do all these quacks with their scientific data have a clue what to do, or what ridiculous label to give him? Learn to use your own, whatever that means for you. Many people under stress will break, it happens every day, some become anxious, some depressed, some psychotic or whatever their current symptoms are. These symptoms are not permanent, but sadly due to the self obsessed trance which negative intoverted rumination can cause, delusions can follow often encouraged by the ignorance of the pseudoscience of psychiatry , patients can come to believe that they are permanently mad and can even kill themselves.

The good news is that once a person takes their focus off their own problems a little, slowly reengages with the world, learns to manage their symptoms,takes more exercise, improves their diet, burns up their energy in healthy ways, and establishes a healthy sleep routine…the symptoms fall away. Once a patient sees how stress and unhealthy habits together overloaded the delicate balance of the Human organism, they can set about rebuilding a healthier way of life where they can get their needs met.

Even the most psychotic extreme longterm Schizoid patient can, and do, achieve this. Getting out and doing real things in the real world is the best way to get on the road to recovery, even extreme patients benefit from work projects or non stressful work groups. Caffiene, alcohol, drugs and poor diet are the enemies of mentally ill people and a little change brings great rewards. An intelligent person can see this, anyone can take control back over these destructive habbits if they truly want to get better, indeed it happens all the time.

We need to go to bed at a regular time and get up at a regular time, teach the brain to sleep regularly again, recondition sleep with bed, there are many tried and proven methods of doing this.

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Even extreme insomniacs learn to sleep again and learn good sleep higyene, it takes effort of course. People often want a magic pill or someone else to fix them, but in the end only you can sort yourself out, quality help is hard to come by. Use your intelligence to get back on track, tackle your harmful, self destructive habits and take one step at a time, recovery is easier than you think.

I could put you onto an excellent therapist if you need support.

Email me personally if you want free help via email too, jezt hotmail. You can read his latest comment here. Many people under stress will break, it happens […]. Yes, lots of people do get better, and yes, stress leads to mental illness. Yes, Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, there is not ONE shred of evidence that a single mental illness is caused by a biological factor, not in years of trying have they proved a chemical basis for any of it.

NOT ONE, now you may find that hard to believe, but an imbalance of neurochemicals does not cause depression etc. The drugs prescribed are not magic bullet cures and if you put your faith in that, you will suffer much longer than you need to, but that is your choice and yes, society is mainly ignorant of the causes of mental illness.

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As you are not my client, and never will be, I feel free to inform you that you seem to be a totally self obsessed know all sic and if you want to get better, you need to realise this and stop being such a winging negative tosser, focus outwards and reclaim your life. I sat at home watchin tele, dumped my mates and spirald downwards for years.

Tried to top mself too twice with painkillers n vodka. I got better when I joind a woodwork project, stopped drinking, went joggin and made some new mates at work. Love Andy x.