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Thus, a critical starting material for life may have been seeded to early Earth from space.

Introduction to Session 1: The Chemistry of Space: Novel Chemicals and Reaction Mechanisms

Last year, the same team uncovered a more complex molecule methyl isocyanate in a star-forming region more than light years away from Earth. McGuire and Carroll discovered a molecule called propylene oxide molecular formula: C3H6O 25, light years away from Earth, in a star-forming region of our galaxy called Sagittarius B. Chiral molecules have the same chemical formula, and their structures are nearly identical except for certain atoms that are attached on different sides of the three-dimensional molecule.

The two forms of a chiral molecule cannot be superimposed on each other on a level plane, much like when you place one hand on top of the other and a thumb sticks out at either end—the hands are mirror images of each other. The French microbiologist Louis Pasteur discovered this quirk of nature more than years ago. One example is limonene , a key component of the scent of citrus fruit.

The right-handed version tastes like lemon, while the left-handed one like orange. It looks like rubber but isn't Mar 21, Jan 17, Jan 12, New insights into the polymer mystique for conducting charges Aug 09, Apr 26, Jul 31, Recommended for you.

Chemistry in Space

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Molecular hang-out

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Space Science - American Chemical Society

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Chemistry in Space. From Interstellar Matter to the Origin of Life. By Dieter Rehder.

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