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Even if few refer by name to Nietzsche, there is, of course, no shortage of books that discuss the manipulation of power in scripture through such apparent appeals to weakness. Yet none is discussed by Green. The work ends with some brief dismissive references to liberation theology and feminism as grounded in appeals to something other than scripture, with the final main paragraph declaring of the Bible that "only here, in its metaphoric images, does one encounter the Living God" p.

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But if to varying degrees almost all those images also make their appearance outside the scriptures, the question remains why their potential cannot, as in those other contexts, be equally sometimes an impetus to corruption of the heart rather than its transfor- mation through the gift of divine revelation. The imagination is at its most dan- gerous when we turn a blind eye to its evil power in what we hold most dear.

Grand Rapids, Mich. Eerdmans, As indicated by the title and subtitle, this book is both a defense and a critical evaluation of the theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg in the light of postfoundation- alism, that is, a reconstructive interpretation of and response to postmodernity in the light of which one both maintains a "commitment to intersubjective, trans- communal theological argumentation for the truth of Christian faith" and recog- nizes "the provisionality of our historically embedded understandings and cultur- ally conditioned explanations of the Christian tradition and religious experience" pp.

LeRon Shults sees it, Pannenberg is an implicit postfounda- tionalist in that he is constantly balancing off in his theology appeals to experience and belief, truth and knowledge, the individual and the community, explanation and understanding. Neither of the terms in each of these couplets serves as a foundation for the other; instead, they mutually condition one another. To be specific, Pannenberg appeals to the human experience of openness to the world and what may lie beyond it as derived from contemporary anthropology to me- diate between the apriori understanding of infinity to be found in classical philos- ophy of religion and an a posteriori Christian belief in the triune God as a result of divine revelation.

The Christian belief in the Trinity "sublates," that is, elevates without annihilating, a philosophical understanding of infinity that is ultimately derived from empirical studies of human behavior in anthropology.

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Pannenberg's methodology, thus, neither presupposes Christian belief in the triune God as self- justifying nor regards that same belief as without foundation in common human experience and thus as strictly relative to a single religious tradition. Pannenberg fails as a postfoundationalist, however, in that he does not sufficiently question his own notion of infinity as radical openness to the world but instead treats it simply as a given arising out of empirical studies on human thought and behavior in anthropology.

Postfoundationalist Task Theology Wolfhart by Leron Shults - AbeBooks

Shults develops this complex argument in the course of five chapters, in the first of which he rejects complaints of various critics that Pannenberg is in the end a foundationalist thinker, for his theology consciously mediates between theology. Chapter 3 applies this model of postfoundationalist thought to Pannenberg's theology; his guiding principle, as Shults sees it, is viewing all things sub ratione Dei, "in the light of their relation to God. Finally, in chapter 5, he first reviews the argument of the book and then indicates how a consistent post- foundationalist approach to theology must likewise call into question some of Pannenberg's own assumptions e.

While I have nothing but praise for Shults's basic project of developing a post- foundationalist position out of the resources of Pannenberg's theology, I find one unresolved issue in his analysis of the latter's thought. In his overview of Pannenberg's understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity, he notes only in pass- ing the distinction that Pannenberg makes between God as Spirit and God the Holy Spirit in Systematic Theology, ; God as Spirit is, for Pannen- berg, a "force-field," equivalently the underlying nature or essence of God that presumably enables the three divine persons to relate to one another and to all their creatures.

This is an important distinction in the light of the notion of infin- ity, since many have argued that God cannot be both personal and truly infinite at the same time. Either God is personal and stands over against creation or God is infinite and includes creation within the divine being. The notion of a divine "force-field," however, that simultaneously empowers both the three divine per- sons and all their creatures to exist in ongoing dynamic interrelation would assist greatly in explaining how creatures can both exist within the triune God and yet retain their own identity.

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In effect, this would be a much deeper explanation of what is meant by the phrase sub ratione Dei. Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, To what extent is the theology of the theologians constituted by the theology and theologizing of the marginalized? How inclusive is the "circle of dignity" in which theologians of academia and the ecclesial magisterium pursue their profession?

James Cochrane's book is a postmodern tour de force that evaluates and valo- rizes incipient theologies.

It contends that the theology of communities or per- sons normally regarded as insignificant in their contribution to Christian truth is an essential foundation for testing and informing the truth of dominant theolo- gies. This is a paradigm shift that reconstitutes the academic enterprise of doing theology by dignifying the theologizing of the poor and the oppressed. Cochrane constructs a comprehensive rationale to move theology from the Age of Enlight- enment perspective of formulating universalizing theologies arising out of a dia- logue with philosophy or elitist theologies into an encounter with theologies of base ecclesial communities.

Paul Ricoeur's Oneselfas Another Chicago, has been appropriated as the legitimizing basis for listening to the voices of marginalized people whose faith is. Search this site:. Directories Courses Discussion Groups. JOIN Login. LeRon Shults.

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The Postfoundationalist Task of Theology : Wolfhart Pannenberg and the New Theological Rationality

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